'Liquid deli' a Scottish delight

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EDINBURGH, Scotland -- If you're ever in Edinburgh or Glasgow and looking for something truly different, may I suggest Demijohn or, at least, its products.

Demijohn is billed as the first "liquid deli" in the country, having opened the original in 2004, and subsequently expanding to Glasgow. The place is inspired by Italian cantinas and Euro-style markets and offers a lengthy array of liqueurs, spirits, oils, vinegars and whisky either on-premises, by mail order or online.

I ran into their products during a visit to Iglu, a nearby Edinburgh spot that bills itself as an "ethical eatery." It is essentially a gastropub that pays attention to sustainable and local food and drink. It's doing so well after less than two years in existence that it won the "Scottish Gastropub of the Year" for 2006-07.

Among the Demijohn-supplied liquers available at Iglu from special glass wall containers (see above) are:

• Damson Gin 22%, made from Scottish Damson plums, to be ingested with a bit of ice as an aperitif or an after-dinner drink.

• Solas Blaeberry Liqueur 19%, and, no, that is not a typographical error. It is made with aged malt whisky, honey and real fruit.

• Lyme Bay Chocolate Orange Cream Liqueur 17% , made from a subtle blend of dark chocolate, real Devonshire cream, apple brandy and orange zest.

Demijohn recently came out with a pair of seasonal liqueurs to add to its longer list, including organic rhubarb and organic cucumber liqueurs.

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