Shetlands' first whisky a hit with a bad crowd

Talk about consumer demand. The first batch of legal whisky ever made in the Shetland Island of Scotland was stolen before any of it reached market.

A 360-case consignment of Muckle Flugga brand was stolen from a depot in Hampshire over the weekend, where it was waiting to be shipped overseas to VIP shareholders, according to the Scottish Daily Record.

Investigators say it appears that thieves cut through the walls of a warehouse and stole the whisky, worth an estimated $59,000 US.

The whisky, made by Blackwood Distillery, is a blend of three eight-year-old malts from across the north of Scotland. It is matured on the isle of Unst for 18 months, making it the first whisky from the 110-island group known for the purity of its water.

The Shetlands are the most northerly region of Scotland, consisting of 110 islands of which only 19 are inhabited. They lie only 180 miles off the coast of Norway, putting them about halfway between London and the Arctic Circle, and have a population of just 23,000.

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