Some Jim Beam ads creep out Aussies

Jim Beam may be the image of perfect respectability in the U.S., but its Australian ads are downright creepy.

The latest set of TV and Internet ads to cause an uproar shows topless Swedish sunbathers being stalked by peeping toms.

According to The Age, the Melbourne newspaper, "The Australian Drug Foundation and VicHealth will make complaints against the ad, claiming it trivialises the criminal act of stalking, objectifies women and links sex to alcohol -- a breach of the industry's own self-regulated advertising code."

Parliamentary Secretary for Health Senator Jan McLucas told The Age the ad was unacceptable. She hinted at regulatory change.

"Generating cheap controversy with this type of ad is the kind of tactic some companies resort to in an attempt to get more for their advertising spend," she said.

Here's another example of a Beam ad, perhaps a bit less offensive since there is no salacious nudity, but it certainly is creepy:

But, to be balanced about it, Jim Beam does offer some commercials that are tongue-in-cheek funny and not the least bit creepy. This one, for example:

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