A presidential PR gimmick that works

I usually try to find some redeeming value in press releases that push one particular product or another. Not that there's always something inherently wrong with such PR moves, but you have to have some standards or you'll be publishing every self-serving angle that comes your way.

That said, here's a self-serving PR ploy from the Phillips Distilling Co. and its UV Vodka that really does work for me on its own: Cocktails tailored to one's political choices.

With the Democratic (August 25-28 in Denver) and Republican (September 1-4 in Minneapolis) national presidential conventions fast approaching, and no real suspense or drama expected, Phillips is pushing the idea of creating your own excitement by whipping up politically (correct) color-coded drinks using the company's UV Cherry, UV Blue and UV basic vodka.

Here are the recipes, simple and straightforward:


1 part UV Cherry
2 parts lemon-lime soda

Shake and serve over fresh ice in a highball glass.


1 part UV Blue
2 parts lemonade

Shake and serve over fresh ice in a lowball glass.


1 part UV Vodka
2 parts tonic water

Shake and serve over fresh ice in a lowball glass.

Of course, the color-coding idea works with lots of other drinks as well: A Cosmopolitan, strawberry-infused Xuxu as a cocktail base, red wine sangria and so on for the red drinks, while you can always use blueberry-infused vodkas, blue curacao, Alize or Hypnotiq to start off your blue drinks.

Unlike in what is just one more disappointing year of presidential candidates, with color-coded cocktails your choices are limited only by your imagination.

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