Rap star gets the spirit

Dr. Dre (the one in the middle over there), who is neither a doctor nor actually named Dre, is joining the ranks of celebrity adult beverage entrepreneurs.

The rapper's cognac and vodka brands will hit liquor stores in the next 60 days, according to celebrity liquor marketer Drinks America Holdings Ltd. The products are a joint venture between Drinks America of Wilton, CT, and Dre's Interscope Geffen A&M Records label.

The marketing for the beverages will be tied in with the release of Dre's next album, ironically titled "Detox." Aftermath Congac will come out first, followed by a flavored and and an unflavored sparkling vodka.

The rapper, real name André Romelle Young, is founder and CEO of Aftermath Entertainment, thus the name for his liquors.

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Brooklyn Goose said...

Seems like it might be more lucrative to be the spokesperson, rather than outright dive into such a fierce industry. Perfect example, Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs and Ciroc.

Ciroc has been around for years and is one of my favorites, but since this new Diddy campaign, the once easy-to-find spirit is sold out almost every time I go to my local store.

And bottle service in the upscale nightclubs in the city, forget about. We couldn’t give away Ciroc before, in the last month, I’ve sold 200 bottles easily.

This might be a bad investment for Dre — what ever happened with Jay Z’s Armadale?

William M. Dowd said...


Armadale may not be one of the hip vodka on the club scene these days, but it's still available at about $60-$65 a bottle.

(For those unfamiliar with it, it's a triple distilled vodka from Scotland based on a wheat and barley grain base.)