Gibson's switches facilities

You may never know the difference, but if you drink Gibson's Canadian whiskey you soon will be getting the product made in a different facility.

The 350,000-case annual production will be turned out at the Hiram Walker & Sons distillery in Windsor, Ontario. It has been produced at a Schenley facility in Valleyfield, Quebec, but that plant was sold to Diageo PLC which needs all the plant capability.

Gibson's products include 12-year-old and 18-year-old Finest Rare, as well as Finest Sterling, a six-year-old whisky. Full production in Windsor is expected to begin in January, with the whiskey then matured and stored at the Walker's Lakeshore warehouses.

Other products produced at Walker's include Canadian Club, Malibu rum, Wiser's whisky, Polar Ice vodka, Lamb's rum, McGuiness white rum, Red Tassel vodka, Deaubonne brandy, Meagher's 1878, Silk Tassel, Royal Reserve, Black Diamond rum, Grand Duke vodka and Barclay brandy.

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