A celebri-quote: Patricia Clarkson

• Oscar nominee ("Pieces of April") Patricia Clarkson recently completed filming "Cairo Time" in Egypt. In an interview with PopEater.com, she answered questions about food and drink there.

Q: Did you eat a lot of Middle Eastern food?

A: To some extent. I don't know if you've known anyone who has gone to Cairo, but it's kind of like Mexico -- you get sick. But I never got sick, so whenever I ate, I ate pretty much the same thing. There was nothing for them to shoot if I got sick, so I was religious about it. But I had some beautiful food and beautiful Egyptian wine.

Q: So you're telling me you never got food poisoning ... but you were tipsy on the set.

A: [Laughs] Yes, that's all I drank. No, at the end of the week when I didn't have to shoot the next day -- oh my, the beautiful wines and the sun setting over the Nile...

You've been described as having a whiskey voice.

A: I don't like whiskey at all, but I have always liked bourbon.

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