Indiana Vodka adding infused line

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Heartland Distillers, the first legal distillery to open in Indiana since Prohibition, is on the brink of unveiling a line of seven flavored vodkas, some of them rather unusual.

The company's Indiana-brand vodka and Prohibition-brand gin -- the latter new to the market as of March this year -- constitute its portfolio at the moment, but it has been promising the addition of liqueurs, whiskies and bourbons at some point.

The brand was launched about a year and a half ago from its distillery in Indianapolis. Now, according to the company's own blog:

"Yes, the rumors were true, we have a whole line of flavored Indiana Vodka coming out soon ... . In creating our new flavors we discovered -- after much trial and error! -- that many flavors are enhanced if we add just a little bit of a complementary flavor.

"For example, we kept trying to flavor our vodka with cherries, but the end result, even if better than the last, always tasted a little too much like cough syrup. Then we added a touch of vanilla and something magical happened -- great taste! So an idea was born.

"Our new line of flavors will consist of Cherry Vanilla, Chai Tea, Orange Cream, Double Vanilla, Raspberry Citrus, Chocolate Espresso, and Honey Lemon."

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