Bill's eMailbox: In search of 1893 book

Q: I'm trying to find a book on making spirits. I believe at one time I found a reference to it on your blog. The book is "The Manufacture of Spirit As Conducted In the Distilleries of the United Kingdom" (1893) by J.A. Nettleton.

Any idea where I might get this book in any form, including digital?

Brendan Wheatley

A: Amazon.com has one (1) copy of this out-of-print and rare book. Just go to the "books" section of their website and type in the title and author.

For comparison's sake, you might also want to consider getting a copy of a more up-to-date book, such as "Craft of Whiskey Distilling" or "Modern Moonshine Techniques," both by Bill Owens, founder of the American Distilling Institute.

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