Three Olives hires rapper with rap sheet

Nothing says quality like hiring an ex-con to promote your product.

That apparently is the thinking at Three Olives which has hired the rapper/perjurer/felon Lil Kim as the spokesperson for its new Three Olives Purple Vodka.

Three Olives can count on the entertainer -- real name Kimberly Jones, and with a police record dating back more than a dozen years -- not saying a negative word about the vodka. She makes a habit of never noticing bad things around her.

Elwyn Gladstone, marketing VP for Promixo Spirits which owns Three Olives, gushed, "A perfect match for our latest flavor, Lil' Kim is the personification of the sassy, fun and confident brand that Three-O strives to embody. We are so delighted to welcome Kim to the Three-O family, and look forward to introducing Three-O Purple to her dedicated fan base."

The rapper modestly announced in a press statement, "Since I'm Queen Bee and purple is the color of royalty, I'm thrilled Three Olives has asked me to bring my flavor to the sexy 'O-Face' campaign for their new Purple vodka!"

If you're not familiar with Lil Kim's resume, here are some of her hits:

Arrest made in Lil Kim party murder case
Rapper guilty of telling lies about gunfight
Lil Kim sued over unfinished album
Rapper Lil' Kim released from jail
Much to do before checking into prison
Security tape shows Lil Kim next to manager before shooting

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