A new chapter for recovered Antarctic whisky

A straw-wrapped bottle of Mackinlay's Scotch whisky being unwrapped.

CHRISTCHURCH, New Zealand -- Part of the cache of rare Mackinlay's whisky recovered from an icy grave in Antarctica has been opened.

Five crates that had been part of the supplies for the explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton's expedition more than a century ago had been found in 2007 below a hut on Ross island that had been Shackleton's headquarters in 1909.

In January of this year, the crates were taken to a special room set up here by the Antarctic Heritage Trust.

When the crate was opened on Friday, one of the original 12 bottles was missing and another was not as full as the rest. Whoever had that small taste won't be joined by any modern imbibers as of yet, although a sample will be taken for the Scottish distillery, which lost the original recipe, can try to replicate it.

[Go here for a Sky News video of the unwrapping.]

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