Bols introduces alcoholic foams

By now, the idea of a foam component on dishes served at avant garde restaurants is commonplace. But, the Dutch liqueur maker Bols has come up with the first alcoholic foam.

The molecular mixology product is designed to be used with cocktails, sparkling wine, sodas, coffees and desserts.

Foam Bols is created using a special pump and a patented ingredient. The foam, which holds up for about 15 minutes. is available in six flavors: banana, blue, crème de cassis, amaretto, peppermint and white cacao.

Rob Rademaker of the Bols Bartending Academy, says, "Bols is the first company in the world to introduce instant foam from the bottle. We’re excited to see how it will be received in the bartending community and among consumers."

Foam Bols was launched in London, and is expected to be made available internationally within the next year.

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