An interstate earthquake chat

From the National Hurricane Center.
I'm among the apparently very few here in Upstate New York who felt nothing during Tuesday's earthquake. Perhaps that is a result of my famously brilliant balance, or my equally famous unawareness of what goes on around me.

Anyway, I was in the midst of an e-chat with Paul McCann, owner/distiller of Parched Group in Richmond, VA, where he makes the exquisite craft vodka named Cirrus.

It was Paul who alerted me to what was going on. Here's a bit of the back-and-forth. Obviously, there were time gaps between the messages.

PAUL: Cirrus just launched in GA and will be launching in MD Oct 1.

BILL: That's good news. Best wishes.

PAUL: We just had an earthquake. No damage.

BILL (obviously oblivious): Seriously?

PAUL: Yep, 6.0.

BILL: Any damage to your facility? (Apparently the shock waves radiated all the way up here, but I never felt it. Living atop a mountain helps, I guess.)

PAUL: No damage here fortunately. This building was constructed in '46. They don't build 'em like this anymore. I was a little worried about the old smoke stack that is 200 ft tall but I don't see any problems. If there are maybe the hurricane will blow it over; hopefully sway from my building...

As noted, the next East Coast worry is the progress of Hurricane Irene, now gathering strength in the Caribbean.

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