Gordon's to Gordon: F--- off

Those of you sick of seeing celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay's face on TV -- some nights he's the total prime time lineup for Fox -- may be jealous of people living in the UK who will be seeing a bit less of the noted pottymouth.

Ramsay has been dropped as the face of Gordon's gin in the UK, not so coincidentally after sales began falling during his three-year stint on TV, billboards and in print.

According to The Mirror of London, "In November 2009, Ramsay was blamed by industry insiders for a 3% slump in sales of Gordon’s. Trade magazine The Grocer quoted brand expert Alan Morrison, consultant at Value Engineers, saying, 'I’m not sure a foul-mouthed, top-flight chef with a bad reputation is what they are looking for.

"Kate Waddell, head of consumer brands at Dragon Rouge, added, 'Ramsay has been over-hyped and commercialized. When a category is in the ascendant, this would seem the wrong tack to be pursuing'."

Two of his UK shows, "Ramsay's Cookalong" and "Kitchen Nightmares," have been sponsored in part by Gordon's, which is owned by international drinks giant Diageo.

Ramsay has been replaced by Brit TV actors Philip Glenister and Emilia Fox.

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