Drambuie issues limited Jacobite Collection

If you have $5,725 and are one of the first 150 people to get in line, you may be in luck.

The Scottish liqueur maker has launched the extremely-limited Jacobite Collction priced at £3,500 (US$5,725) per set. It features a hand-blown crystal decanter containing a blend of 45-year-old whiskies.

Each of the 150 sets in the Jacobite Collection -- named for a series of anti-English uprisings that took place between 1688 and 1746 -- is in a solid wood presentation box containing a hand-etched crystal replica of the Spottiswoode Amen glass and a large crystal decanter stopper.

It also comes with a letter-pressed, hand-bound 32-page leather booklet written by whisky author Ian Buxton. It details the history of both Drambuie and the Jacobite Rebellion.

Incidentally, if you're interested in how the Jacobite uprising is treated in Scotland, go here to read my report about the updated battlefield at Culodden that effectively ended the action.

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