Grant's joins the RTD market

This one is mostly for my friends in the UK, although one never knows how inventive consumers can become in obtaining what they want despite various shipping rules.

The whiskey distiller Grant’s has announced the launch of its first ready-to-drink (RTD) product, Grant’s Scotch Whisky and Cola.

A second RTD will be launched at a date to be determined: a whisky and ginger drink.

"RTDs are the fastest growing category in the UK off-trade -- with RTD cans in dynamic growth, up 48%," said James Stocker, marketing controller for Grant's at its UK distrbutor, First Drinks, "so we felt this was a really important area to exploit."

Grant’s Scotch Whisky and Cola and Grant’s Scotch Whisky and Ginger are, or will be, available at 6.6% abv (13.2 proof) in 250ml cans priced at £2 (US$3.25).

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