Argentine ice bar a glacial project

A trio of customers heads into the bar.
From Newser.com

Well traveled tipplers should add Patagonia, Argentina, to their itineraries. A bar billed as the only one made (carved?) out of glacial ice opened there last week.

Bellying up to this bar -- whose specialty is Coke served with a bitter spirit called Fernet -- is a little more involved: You'll don a cape, gloves, and boots, explains The New York Times, and your bar-hop will be limited to 20 minutes. Which is probably a good thing, since the temp is kept at 17.6° , reports Tweet Travelers. But plenty awaits once you leave: GlacioBar is a part of the Glaciarium, a science museum that celebrates the area's myriad glaciers.

If you can't get to South America, don't fret: There are other ice bars around the world, though they're made of regular old ice.

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