'Diddy' goes on foul-mouthed rant

Diddy in rant mode.
If, at a given point in time, you were in an Atlanta nightclub and order Grey Goose vodka instead of Ciroc, puffed up mogul Diddy, or whatever the hell he calls himself this week, thinks you're a "nigga" and a "faggot."

That's what happened when Ciroc's official celebrity spokesman went on a rant, threw ice at the customer and challenged him to a fight.  He was caught on video yelling, among other choice phrases, "Bitch ass niggas! Put that shit down before I come smack that purple shirt off your ass!”

Of course, he showed his softer side a moment earlier when he wished a friend "Happy birthday to my nigga."

After reading the transcript and watching the video, I was puzzled. What is a "bitch ass"? And, how does one slap a shirt of somone else's ass? Ah, the mysteries of the universe.

The rapper/entrepreneur, who variously has called himself Puff Daddy, P. Diddy, Diddy, and god knows what else, now has issued an apology, riddled with misspellings (shown in dark type). It reads: 

"I'm sorry for the ignorant way I repesented myself ... I have backslid and regressed. Forgive me for my ignorance. Pray for me pls."

"I know better and I am better. I have a responibility that I promise I will live up to. And I'm more dissapointed in myself than you know."

"I will humble myself and learn."

As for the target of his tirade,  Ricky Parker, says he feels "humiliated and disrespected."

Last year, Diddy released a video on You Tube with a mock apology to other vodka makers made while he was lolling in a bathtub full of soap bubbles. So, we probably can take this latest "apology" for what it is. BS.

P.S. If you really feel the need to, you can view the video here.

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