Great moments in marketing

From the AnimalNewYork.com site:

Belvedere's Blow Job Ad

In a painfully forced effort to become the ultra coolest luxury vodka, Belvedere has pulled out all the stops: by getting Terry Richardson to shoot its latest print campaign; by getting Vincent Gallo to appear in the ads; by getting rap stars to plug it in songs; and by seemingly sponsoring every nighttime gathering of ten people or more south of 14th street.

Up until now, the ads have been — sexually-speaking — pretty staid. Now, I've been accused of being overly sensitive to phallic symbolism in liquor ads once or twice in the past. But after examining the latest Belvedere ad I think you'll agree with me that Richardson has purposely produced a blow job ad with a penis bottle.

-- Copyranter

NOTE: Double-click on ad to enlarge image.

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