Scenes from a Whisky Fest

The time: April 2, 2008
The place: The Puck Building, Manhattan.
The occasion: Whisky Fest
The usual solid turnout for the sold-out event, sponsored by Whisky Magazine, drew patrons from several generations and all walks of life to what some refer to as "the Will & Grace building" to sample whiskies from the U.S., Ireland, Scotland and Japan.

The golden statue of the impish creature known as Puck adorns the exterior of the sprawling brick building at the southeast corner of Lafayette and Houston streets, an icon used in many scenes of the "Will & Grace" sit-com to make it appear as if the show's stars lived there.

Inside, rather than a series of apartments, you'll find a series of loft-like exhibition rooms. In this instance, Whisky Fest took up several of them to accommodate pouring tables, buffet stations, and a band stage, among other things.

Here are a few more shots by photographer April L. Dowd that caught the spirit of the evening.

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