Great Moments In Politics

Eddie Nahlawi plans to open the Grand Station Restaurant in Arlington Heights, IL, in June. Luckily for him, the rest of the village board isn't as loony as Village President (Mayor) Arlene Mulder (right) when it comes to the sign he's planning for the exterior.

The word "cocktails" was supposed to take up 20 inches of the 12-foot high sign and be the smallest word on the sign. However, Mulder objected to the use of the word "cocktail" instead of "lounge" or "pub." Her so-called logic:

"Pub and lounge are more about the atmosphere. Cocktails sounds like it's about drinking."

The board voted 8-1 to approve the sign. Mulder, who at least had voted earlier to approve the business, was the lone dissenter.

Said Nahlawi, "To me, cocktails is an old-fashioned word for alcoholic beverages. There's an Irish pub across the street, and Fuego is also a margarita bar. People come to downtown Arlington Heights for drinks. It's a word that fits the visual atmosphere in downtown Arlington Heights."

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