Men, do not read this item

Rain Vodka has decided to play up the fact it is "organic" by adding the word to its name and debuting it at the “All Things Organic” conference and trade show in Chicago April 27–29.

Elizabeth Cawood, vodka brand manager of the Sazerac Co. which makes Rain at the Buffalo Trace Distillery, explains (bold-face type emphasis is mine):

“While Rain has been organic from the beginning, we feel it’s important to let our female consumers know we are certified by the USDA and we go the extra mile to make the finest vodka possible. If you are interested in serving or drinking an organic martini, Rain is the obvious choice.”

In case any men have read this far despite the warning headline, they may want to share the knowledge the women have, that "Rain is hand-made in small batches using white organic corn and is distilled seven times for exceptional taste and smoothness. ... A 750ml bottle of Rain retails between $18 and $22."

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