NY Spirits Awards program created

A new honors program, the New York Spirits Awards, has been created.

They will be the culmination of a two-day tasting competition covering all classifications of distilled spirits.

The program was announced by Dori Bryant, president of The Polished Palate, and spirits writer Adam Levy.

"Members of the on- and off-sale community will come together for two days, June 13 and 14, during The Bar Show at the Jacob Javits Center in New York City," the announcement said. "The judges will score each brand in five categories: appearance, aroma, taste, mouth feel and finish. The maximum point score is 100. The top 10% in each category will be awarded "best in class." The highest score in each category will be the recipient of an "FDR" award, named in honor of ...President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who actively supported and endorsed the repeal of Prohibition."

Brand owners and publicists can obtain online more about the New York Spirits Awards and download entry forms.

Bryant started The Polished Palate LLC in 2005. She has a long career in publishing and in the spirits industry. Levy is co-founder of The Whisky Life, and is a spirits writer and judge.

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