Sunday sales law skirmishes in Connecticut

From the Danbury (CT) News-Times:

Everyone in cars with Connecticut plates parked outside a Brewster, N.Y., liquor store on a recent Sunday afternoon agreed with Matthew Serfass of Danbury, who said it's time for the state to repeal one of its few remaining blue laws and permit the sale of alcohol on the first day of the week.

Direct the same question to package store owners in Connecticut, including John Marcy, who runs one just a few miles from the New York state line, and the response is overwhelmingly in the opposite direction.

While 14 states still cling to the Prohibition-era Blue Laws that bar Sunday liquor sales, Connecticut is one of only three states in the nation -- and the only one in New England -- that continue to ban Sunday sales of any kind of alcohol, including beer and wine, except at restaurants and bars. Georgia and Indiana are the other two.

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