Beam's Red Stag has cherry on top

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Jim Beam Bourbon is an iconic spirit. Worldwide top seller in its category. Recognized everywhere as a classic American whiskey. In my estimation, a food group unto itself.

With Beam bourbon you get oak, caramel, brown sugar and spice. What you don't get with Beam bourbon is change. Unlike vodkas, rums and even tequilas, you won't find a long list of infused spirits.

Unless, that is, a new product to be introduced to the market in June takes off.

Red Stag, a four-year-old Beam bourbon infused with black cherry, is the first innovation for the distiller in more than a decade.

What's it all about? As Rory Finlay, senior vice president/CMP of Bealm Global Spirits & Wine said in a note to me:

"Red Stag is everything a whiskey should be. An extension of the cherry infusion made popular in the Manhattan cocktail, Red Stag turns traditional bourbon on its head -- all in the pursuit of fun."

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Richard said...

Sounds like the Red Stag would make a great splash for chicken or turkey.
March 17, 4:04 PM

William M. Dowd said...

Now THERE's an interesting thought -- and from a bourbon fan, at that.

Richard said...

No bottle is safe when there is something in the oven at our house.

Wines, Champagnes, liquors and liqueurs, and just plain booze all go on the bird. Especially things that I have deemed too sweet for drinking, they are the first to go in.

I have left Pernod out of my recipes, however. Pernod and shrimp taste like Chanel #5 and rubber.
March 17, 4:05 PM