Utah legislators gone wild

Oh, those Utah scamps. They're just going wild these days.

State lawmakers have approved changes in the liquor laws that will eliminate two things Utah required that no other state has.

• Bartenders now will be allowed to serve cocktails directly over bar counters instead of walking around them.

• The state's private club system, which requires customers to fill out an application and pay a fee for the right to enter a bar, will be eliminated.

Once Gov. Jon Huntsman signs the bill into law, which he says he will do, the changes will go into effect July 1.

The legislators said the changes were made in an effort to help aid tourism.

Another legislative push that apparently will not go through was one that would restrict restaurants from making mixed drinks in full view of minors. Go here for my earlier report on that topic.

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1 comment:

Iknowtruthismine said...

Utah has always been rational human being unfriendly. I'm amazed they don't make you do two umbrella turns and wear three sets of underwear before ordering a

Methinks they got too much religion/cult influence in that state that should be held up against the separation principle of the Constitution.