Danzka Vodka changes hands, direction

Danzka Vodka, launched in 1989, has primarily been sold on the duty-free market. That may change since owner V&S Group has just sold Danzka to Belvedere.

V&S purchased Danzka in 1999. Under the sales agreement it will continue producing it for Belvedere for the next five years but Belvedere will immediately take over the sales and marketing efforts.

The 80-proof Danish-made vodka is manufactured with a 100% wheat base and de-mineralized water, and comes in aluminum bottles in citrus, currant, grapefruit and cranberry-raz flavors. The retail price varies widely, ranging from $9.99 to $14.99, depending on the commercial venue.

Ketil Eriksen, president for the business areas of V&S Absolut Spirits, said in a statement that "“With the sale of Danzka Vodka we’ve taken yet another step in fulfilling our product portfolio strategy, which is to focus mainly on the premium-priced international brands, Absolut Vodka, Absolut Cut, Level Vodka, Plymouth Gin and Cruzan Rum.”

Belvedere, meanwhile, is continuing to target the travel retail business. Christophe Trylinski, its general director, said in a statement, “In the wake of our acquisition of the Danzka Vodka brand ... we started Belvedere Scandinavia A/S as part of our ambitious international strategy for continued growth. With production of Danzka Vodka continuing in Denmark, the new subsidiary won’t only handle sales, marketing and logistics for Danzka Vodka, it’ll also be responsible for all Belvedere’s brands on the Scandinavian markets.”

Belvedere is listed on the French Stock Exchange and specializes in producing and distributing white spirits, notably vodka. It introduced Sobieski to the global market last fall as a lower-price premium niche product.

[See my Sobieski tasting notes.]

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