Letters: How can I sell my Laphroaig 40?


Have a bottle of 40 years old Laphroaig for sale. Any suggestions?

-- Chas Lux, Eau Claire WI


There may be 40-year-old bottles of various ages of Laphroaig Scotch whisky, but the only 40-year-old Laphroaig Scotch put in bottles is part of a special release from the iconic Islay, Scotland, distiller. Just under 2,400 bottles were released from what Laphroaig says is a "never to be repeated production run" that was aged in European oak casks.

It is the oldest Laphroaig ever produced, and went directly from cask to bottle at a strength of 42.4% alcohl by volume (84.8 proof). The retail price set by the company was £1,000, the equivalent of $1,559.49 at today's currency exchange rate.

How much you could sell it for depends on two things:

(1.) Market demand, which will go up slowly from the original retail price if the bottle remains unopened and protected from extremes of temperature.

(2.) Whether you are licensed to sell spirits. That is quite important if you plan to advertise the availability of the whisky. Otherwise, a private transaction may be permissible. Check with your state's liquor control board for specifics.

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1 comment:

Chas Lux said...

Thanks for the information, William.

When I search the web, there are over 20-30 pages and I know know its history fairly well, but I didnt know the retail price set by the company as £1,000. Reuter's article says it maybe worth up to $5K even without Prince Charles' signature.

Also, I see the London Whisky Exchange listing it at 1750. pounds, but they dont have any for sale. Then I heard that one sold in New York for $2K a
year ago. So you see any advice is very useful in trying to set a price. :>)

My friend at the Corn Exchange in Crieff suggests to wait for the auction; he didnt say which one.

Yes I keep them in their shipping wrappings in my fairly cool bedroom. I plan to offer them through consignment with our liquor store here and they have promised to ship insured for me anywhere.

My other very favorite is (was) the Glenturret 30, what an aroma, so sad that they are not going offer even the 18 or the 15 cask anymore.

Keep smilin and nice to hear from you.