High-cal cocktails by the numbers

We all have heard, ad nauseum, about the caloric impact of various soft drinks. However, most people probably don't pay much attention to cocktail calories.

Here, from Trendhunter magazine, are the top 10 high-calorie concoctions:

1. Piña Colada, 586 calories
2. Long Island Iced Tea, 543 calories
3. Mai Tai, 620 calories
4. Godiva Chocolate Martini, 356 calories
5. Strawberry Daiquiri, 300 calories
6. Mudslide, 556 calories
7. Cosmopolitan, 340 calories
8. Rum and Regular Coke, 356 calories
9. Margarita, 550 calories
10. White Russian, 320 calories

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