TRU2, an organic amber gin

TRU Organic Spirits, a division of Modern Spirits Group, has unveiled TRU2 Gin, an addition to its portfolio of sustainable, organic spirits.

The new product doesn't look like the usual gin. It begins with an organic wheat base spirit into which 14 whole botanicals are macerated in layers. Because the gin is not re-distilled after maceration, the combination of the botanicals releases an amber hue to the gin.

“After years of making infused vodkas, we have developed a deep appreciation of the art and chemistry of flavor,” said Melkon Khosrovian, who founded Modern Spirits in 2004 with his wife, Litty Mathew. “We needed every bit of this knowledge to create the world’s first sustainable gin.”

The 84-proof product will be available beginning this month in major markets at a suggested retail price of $34.99.

TRU Organic Spirits has about as impressive a list of steps and procedures in its manufacturing process as any I've ever seen by a company citing its sustainability philosophy. Some examples:

• It plants a tree for every bottle of TRU2 Gin and TRU Vodka sold. The company works directly with such non-profit groups as Sustainable Harvest International to plant new trees in tropical zones where they are cut down in the greatest numbers.

• TRU bottles use 25% less glass than average high-end spirits bottles.

• Labels are printed on tree-free corn fiber, using vegetable-based inks and are biodegradable.

• TRU also incorporates new, more easily recyclable PETG shrink capsules as opposed to more toxic PVC.

• Recyclable synthetic corks provide a tight seal and don’t break if bottles are frozen.

• TRU spirits are USDA certified organic and free of chemicals from field to bottle. Also, its flavors are from whole, organic ingredients, not extracts.

• And, its shipping boxes use 35% post-consumer waste and simply fold in on themselves to eliminate packing tape.

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