Diageo launches new Scotch for UK

If you have friends in the UK, you may want to impose on them to keep your spirits collection updated. It's getting more and more common for major spirits distillers to make new offerings available there before here.

Latest example: The Singleton of Dufftown, released by Diageo Great Britain (GB) to take advantage of the taste for single malt Scotch whiskies there. Sales in the United Kingdom have grown by 11% over the past four years.

The new, 12-year-old expression boasts "longer fermentation, slow distillation and the use of a highly revered water of exceptional quality ... from Highlandman John's Well in Scotland ... so sought-after, legend has it, that in the past the Dufftown distillery has had to field off rivals who have tried to steal it," Diageo says.

The Singleton of Dufftown is in a distinctive blue bottle, shaped like a pebble to represent the smoothing effect that water has in nature. Ut has a suggested retail price of £28.69 ($48.76 US) and is available now.

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