Bourbon Hall to induct 7

The Kentucky Bourbon Hall of Fame will bump its membership to an even 30 during an induction ceremony scheduled for Friday in Bardstown, KY.

The hall, founded in 2001, is part of the Oscar Getz Museum of Whiskey History (shown at right) in Bardstown.

Members of this year’s class are:

• Evan Williams, a bourbon producer often called Kentucky’s first distiller.
• Brad Boswell, president of Independent Stave Co.
• Jimmy Wickham, director of customer relations and quality assurance for Independent Stave Co.
• Owsley Brown, former president of Brown-Forman Corp., and a grandson of company founder George Garvin Brown.
• Thomas J. Flocco, president and CEO of Beam Global Spirits & Wine Inc.
• Edwin S. Foote, retired master distiller at Old Fitzgerald Distillery;
• Rita L. Greenwell, retired administrative assistant at the Kentucky Distillers’ Association;

Candidates are nominated each year by Kentucky Distillers’ Association member distilleries and the Kentucky Bourbon Festival. Enshrinees are chosen by the KDA board of directors.

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