Cocktail World Cup produces tasty results

42 BELOW photo

A few months ago, I outlined the upcoming 42 BELOW Cocktail World Cup competition plans for Queenstown, New Zealand. Today, I am pleased to outline the results of the fifth annual event -- and some tasty ones they are.

All, of course, must use the sponsoring vodka which, for its distillers, is the whole point of the exercise and expense. Entrants qualify for the finals in regional heats. This year, teams came from England, the United States, Scotland, France, Italy, Ireland, Southeast Asia, China/Hong Kong, Australia and New Zealand.

The three-man London team (above) walked off with top honors in the five-day event with their "Ale of Two Cities."

The winning recipe combined 42 BELOW feijoa-flavored vodka (feijoa is a citrusy, sweet fruit), punt e mes (a dark, bitter Italian vermouth), apple juice, nettle cordial, malt syrup, fresh lime juice and Angostura bitters that was shaken and strained into a classic beer pint glass. The team also fried traditional English pub "chips" to accompany their cocktail.

Second place went to the Central USA team for its "Wisdom of the Ages" cocktail combining vodka, sauvignon blanc wine, chamomile syrup, fresh white grapefruit juice and sage leaves.

Third place went to Team Scotland for its cocktail using feijoa-flavored vodka and Pure, Grand Marnier, blood orange juice, lemon juice, star anise, ginger, apricot marmalade and rosemary.

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