They're No. 1 -- at selling the No. 1 whiskey

Jameson is the No. 1 selling Irish whiskey in the world. Any guesses which establishment sells more of it than any other in the world?

It's an Irish pub and restaurant, of course, but this one is called The Local and is located in the Nicollet Mall in downtown Minneapolis, MN, of all places.

Representatives of Jameson this week visited The Local to present a plaque honoring it as the top seller of their product, for the second consecutive year. In 2006, The Local sold 397 cases to win the title. In 2007, for which it now is being honored, it sold 530 cases. That translates to 6,360 bottles, an average of 17.5 bottles a day.

How does it sell so much? A specialty drink called "The Big Ginger" is a huge seller. It's a mix of Jameson and ginger ale over ice, with lemon and lime wedges, and goes for just $6.

The Local, not so incidentally, also is a gorgeous place with an authentic upscale Irish pub feel. Go here for a photo tour of the establishment.

Note: If tequila is more your thing and you're in Minneapolis, try Barrio restaurant and bar in the same mall as The Local. It offers a selection of more than 100 tequilas, and serves them by the shot or in a wide-ranging cocktail menu.

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