Urine cocktails, mini-Candy Stripes ???

What's new in St. Paul, MN?

Besides the current Republican National Convention -- or perhaps because of it -- we have the case of a special party at the Chino Latino night spot, where hostesses in abbreviated Candy Striper outfits served an endless supply of urine-themed cocktails (the foamy, golden liquid served in little plastic cups actually was a mixture of vodka, champagne and pineapple juice).

The event, “Anatomy of a Party,” was open to people of all political persuasions, but the majority of the crowd was part of the medical industry.

While this doesn't do much for the cause of those trying to make the cocktail party a respectable institution, it does offer a certain fascination -- of the sort that makes rubberneck drivers slow down to look at a car accident.

You can get the full details on the CityPages site here.

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