Star distillers create new special whiskies

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Two of the best distillers in the whiskey game, separated by the Atlantic Ocean but connected by an insatiable curiosity about new expressions of their art, have come out with new products that will go on sale later this year. Both should create a lot of industry buzz.

They are Dr. Bill Lumsden (left) of Glenmorangie in Scotland and Chris Morris of Old Forester and Woodford Reserve in Kentucky.

Lumsden has come up with Glenmorangie Signet, an unusual Scotch blend he has been tinkering with for a decade. Morris has come up with a one-time-only bourbon called Old Forester Repeal Bourbon that was created to mark the 75th anniversary this year of the repeal of Prohibition.

I had the opportunity to sample both whiskies in advance of their going to market. You can get the details on "Dowd's Tasting Notes."

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