Dry Fly's new whiskey will be a tough buy

Liquor bottle designs have become a true work of art in recent years. The increase in the number of craft distilleries has much to do with that as companies try to draw attention in a crowded market.

One of the most attractive, to my eye, recent ones contains Washington wheat whiskey
from Dry Fly Distilling.

The perfume bottle-shaped decanter is adorned with a fly fishing lure in brilliant red, accented by a red cap and a label with a somewhat metallic-looking background.

What does it taste like? Not many people know at the moment. The first bottles of the two-year-old spirit are being sold to restaurants and bars. What's left of the limited batch then will go on general sale only in the state. So, if you're not a resident of Washington and you're interested in obtaining a bottle of Dry Fly, you'd be well advised to pull any strings you can find with someone who lives in the state to make the purchase for you. You can get a list of the stores that will handle Dry Fly online.

The company says of the rollout, "We will be doing our first release of Washington Wheat Whiskey the first week of August. On August 3rd, Class H license holders (Washington State Licensed Bars and Restaurants) will be able to secure product at the stores listed below. On August 7th those stores will sell their remaining stock to retail customers. Also on August 7th, we will sell our inventory from the distillery. We expect to have about 20 cases at the distillery and expect it to sell out in hours. A limit of 2 bottles per person will be in effect."

Dry Fly, owned and operated by Don Poffenroth and Kent Fleischmann, has been producing gin and vodka in its Spokane craft distillery since 2007. Its German-made Christian Carl pot still has a 450-liter capacity.

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