Famous Grouse losing its famous blender

The Famous Grouse and the rest of its flock will have to get along without John Ramsay (right).

The master blender has completed a handover process of more than two years that allows him to retire and Gordon Motion to take over as master blender for the Edrington Group, headquartered in Perth, Scotland.

Ramsay's is renowned for his talented nose and palate in creating whiskies bottled under the Grouse and other labels such as The Glenrothes, The Macallan and Highland Park. However, he will officially retire on July 31.

The master blender is one of the few people who knows the recipe for the Famous Grouse. Motion now has been entrusted with that secret. he also will be in charge of managing the Edrington labs and sample rooms as well as stock management and cask selection.

Ramsay told the Perthshire Advertiser, “Looking back, there are a number of highlights that really stand out, from creating Highland Park 18, 25 and most recently 40 year old expressions and moving The Glenrothes whisky to a vintage.

"I’ve had an immensely enjoyable career with The Edrington Group which has taken me all around the world and I would like to extend thanks to all of my colleagues who have been such a fantastic support."

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