Gin time at Scotch whisky distillery

The first spirit one thinks about when Scotland is mentioned is malt whiskey, hands down. But, a new Scottish gin will hit the UK market this weekend.

It is Caorunn (pronounced ka-roon), the makers of which can say with certainty that their gin tastes unlike any other and comes in a unique bottle.

The recipe is secret, as these things usually are, but International Beverage says it contains the requisite juniper berries, plus orange peel, "four traditional gin botanicals," and "five Celtic botanicals."

You and your friends can amuse yourself guessing what they might be. (Answer below.)

As to the bottle, it was designed for the branding agency Navyblue as a five-sided container "influenced by the Scottish Art Nouveau movement. ... The symbolic asterisk represents the five Celtic botanicals."

Iby Bakos, brand manager, said, "We’re extremely excited to be launching Caorunn this summer, a truly Scottish gin, the only one which is made at a working malt whisky distillery. ... We’re confident it will attract the attention of bar tenders and mixologists alike."

International Beverage already distributes several alcohol brands in the UK, including Chang beer, Speyburn single malt whisky and MacArthurs blended malt whisky.

As to those five "Celtic botanicals," they are heather, bog myrtle, rowan berry, dandelion and coul blush apple. Just what you guessed? I thought so.

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