Burnett's unveils ready-to-drink cocktails

RTD. That's an an acronym growing in meaning to those in the beverage industry.

It stands for "ready to drink," a niche being targeted by more and more companies with a wide variety of products.

I recently wrote about Southern Comfort's Sweet Tea Vodka and Hurricane Cocktail RTDs. Now, Heaven Hill Distilleries has unveiled Burnett’s Cocktails. The first three flavors in the line are the cosmopolitan, margarita and mojito.

The prepared cocktails were developed from traditional recipes that feature quadruple-distilled, triple-charcoal filtered Burnett’s Vodka and natural ingredients.

“In-home entertaining and flavor experimentation are incredibly popular trends today, particularly as the economy draws consumers away from the on-premise," said Reid Hafer, senior brand manager for Burnett's. "Consumers may now embrace the cocktail culture off-premise with this new range of cocktails ... ."

Burnett's Cocktails are available in 1.75-liter bottles. They are 15% alcohol by volume, or 30 proof.

Heaven Hill, headquartered in Bardstown, KY, is the nation's largest independent, family-owned and operated spirits producer and marketer. Its Burnett's line has 19 different flavored vodkas.

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