Van Gogh tops 'Dowd On Drinks Quickie Poll'

More than 250 votes were cast in the first Dowd On Drinks "Quickie Poll," a limited-time balloting for your favorite unflavored vodkas.

Twenty-two possibilities were listed on the online ballot form, although participants were allowed to add brands not on the original list.

Van Gogh, a super premium spirit from the Royal Dirkzwager Distilleries (above) in Schiedam, Holland, was the runaway winner.

It is handmade in small batches by Master Distiller Tim Vos through a multiple distillation process that takes six weeks. It is a family-owned business, passed down since 1891. In 2005, Dirkzwager received a Royal Appointment by Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands, for 125 years of consistent excellence and reliable quality.

Here is the Top 10 (actually, top 11 because of a tie at No. 10), with the percentage of the votes garnered:

1. Van Gogh 16.1%
2. Stolichnaya 11.9%
3. Grey Goose 9.2%
4. Ketel One 8.3%
5. Svedka 7.3%
6. Smirnoff 6.4%
Absolut 6.4%
8. Ciroc 5.5%
9. Finlandia 5.1%
10. Chopin 4.6%
Tru Organic 4.6%

Interestingly, Finlandia was not on the original ballot, but obviously fared very well with the write-in crowd.

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