An extremely limited Oregon vodka

What's made in Oregon, for sale only in Virginia, and you have to make a special request for it?

Introducing Black Lab Vodka.

You can get the vodka by requesting it at a Virginia ABC store, product code number 952378.

And, if you don't live in Virginia? As the Black Lab folks say on their Web site:

"If you are unlucky enough not to live in Virginia, and would like to know when it will be in your area, you can contact us or sign up as a Club Lab member. Updates are sent out to all members and anyone else who asks to be notified. We'll also be posting the news of our territorial expansion right here ... . Liquor retailers and distributors can check out the distributors' page for more information."

Black Lab is named after Waterdog Spirits owners Melissa Zeppa's and Kerry Schmelzer's favorite breed of dog. They founded the company in 2007 when the economic decline hit their gift ware niche market business. Zeppa is an artist and designed the vodka bottle.

Black Lab Vodka is a five-times-filtered spirit utilizing water from the Cascade Mountains of Oregon. Its makers note "We could tell you all about how Black Lab Vodka is filtered ... through charcoal and crushed lava rocks and uses only the finest grain and pure clear water ... for a really smooth vodka sipping experience. Even though it's all true, it isn't what is going to make your customers buy it.

"They are going to buy it because the bottle has a Labrador Retriever on it."

Time will tell.

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