Jam made from Princess Di's hair, gin

What do you get when you mix gin, milk, sugar and a bit of hair from a deceased princess?

Brace yourself. Bompas & Parr, an offbeat London catering company, has purchased some hair that purportedly comes from the late Diana, princess of Wales, from a celebrity hair collector on e-bay and used it in a jam it is selling.

Sam Bompas said he bought the hair for $10. The jam is an exhibit at a surrealist art show at the Barbican Art Gallery and in the first week 500 of the jars have been sold at US$7.60 each.

Bompass & Parr manufactures jellies for photo shoots, stunts and events. They say they "use the same programs that architects use to design skyscrapers to design the molds and the same machines used to make fighter jet engines and body parts to make the extraordinary cutters."

No word on who they consulted with to make the Princess Di jam.

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