Maker's Mark releases a new bourbon

Maker's Mark hasn't come up with a new bourbon for a long time; 52 years, to be exact. Now, the drought is over.

Maker’s Mark Distillery Inc. has released Maker’s 46, taking its traditional whiskey, then aging it for several months in barrels with seared French oak staves. The process draws more color and flavor from the wood than the standard process.

The new bourbon is 47% alcohol by volume (94 proof), and was created by company president Bill Samuels Jr., master distiller Kevin Smith and barrel maker Brad Boswell of the Independent Stave Company.

The company says the seared staves release fewer tannins than the usual charred staves used in whiskey aging, thus creating a smoother taste.

The bourbon was named Maker’s 46 after the profile name Boswell assigned to the French oak searing process, according to a company press release.

Cost of the 750ml bottle will vary by state, but in general will run about $10 higher than the company's standard bourbon.

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