Ruby Tuesday getting drinks smart

Chain restaurants are big on specials. After all, they have the resources of hundreds of venues to test their offerings before going national. When it comes to their drinks, though, I’ve often been disappointed by what I see as a lack of creativity or timeliness.

The Ruby Tuesday chain has overcome that problem with its expanded summertime drinks menu featuring new watermelon-flavored cocktails and pitchers of sangria.

The new cocktails include watermelon-flavored mojitos, martinis and margaritas and feature a fresh watermelon garnish.The sangria is made with fresh fruit and either red or white wine.

The restaurants also are offering a strawberry-flavored sangria available by the pitcher. The watermelon mojito is part of Ruby Tuesday’s lineup of $5 cocktails.

(By the way, not all other chains are mundane when it comes to seasonal cocktails. I'd be remiss not to mention an excellent blackberry sangria, with a touch of the Italian liqueur Tuaca, I enjoyed over the weekend at a Carrabba's Italian Grill.)

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