Teacher's sprucing up its image

Teacher's, which sells about one of every four bottles of Scotch whisky in the UK, is sprucing up its image in hopes of increasing that share.

Teacher's will unveil its new look (bottle on left) sometime this month with the launch of a more contemporary package which also highlights the high malt content of the blend. The new logo will emphasize the 45% malt content of Teacher's.

Janette Peat, Maxxium UK's brand manager for Teacher's, says, "Teacher's has a rich history in pioneering packaging, from being the first whisky to invent the self-opening bottle without the use of a corkscrew in the 1910s, to inventing the jigger cap in the 1960s.

"We decided to highlight the 45% malt content as it sets Teacher's apart as one of the highest of all blended Scotch whiskies and gives Teacher's its distinctive malty, peaty full flavor. ... Teacher's is made up of at least 35 single malts from around Scotland, including its fingerprint malt, the award-winning Ardmore."

The newly designed bottle will be available in 70cl and 1L sizes.

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