New Guam distillery taking baby steps

From the Pacific Daily News of Guam

ANIGUA, Guam -- Valentino Perez knows first-hand what a tricky art distilling alcohol can be. The owner of Guam's Own distillery, Perez has spent months perfecting the recipe for rum and whiskey.

"There's a ton of technical knowledge involved," says Perez, whose Guam's Own products have been on retail shelves since March.

A former financial analyst and commercial banker, Perez decided to put business and science skills -- he has an undergraduate degree in engineering and a master's in business -- to work.

"I have a good history in chemistry and physics," says Perez. "And that coupled with the fact that I used to brew beer back in college, made the learning curve extremely short."

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Anonymous said...

The rum is great. In fact it's better than Captain Morgan and Sailor Jerry. The whiskey is pretty bad. Kind of like drinking turpentine.

Anonymous said...

The rum is the best I've ever had. Did not taste the whiskey.