Whiskey infusers debut green tea vodka

In 2005, the Phillips Distilling Company came up with cherry- and vanilla-infused blended whiskies under the Phillips Union brand name. In 2008, they added Prairie brand organic vodka. This week, the enthusiastic infusers at the Minnesota company introduced UV Sweet Green Tea Vodka.

"This is not your grandmother’s sweet tea," said Dean Phillips, president and CEO of Phillips Distilling, in a statement.

An early run of the vodka recently won the Distinguished Platinum Medal by the Spirits International Prestige Awards in San Diego.

This is the 12th variety of flavored vodka bearing the UV brand. Among earlier flavors were lemonade, cherry, coconut, vanilla and grape.

UV Sweet Green Tea Vodka is sold at a suggested retail price of $12.99 for a 750 ml bottle.

Phillips's other brands include Trader Vic’s Rums, Liqueurs and Cocktails' Feckin Irish Whiskey; SourPuss Liqueurs, and Ice Hole Liqueurs. Obviously, class isn't part of the company's attempts at an image.

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