500 cocktail recipes on latest app

The aptly-named Fizz Software on Monday released the latest iPhone/iPod touch application that provides cocktail recipes.

One of the more interesting aspects of the application is that one need use only 14 readily available key ingredients to create as many as 500 different drinks.

The application is available on iTunes for $2.99. Simon Difford, the Glenfiddich Award-winning writer, includes his personal ratings and comments on each of the drinks, which are explained step by step.

A few other aspects of the application:

• All recipes are accompanied by photos of the finished drinks.
• Mark in the "Cocktail Cabinet" the bottles you have at home and what you can make from them.
• Add your own cocktail ratings and notes.
• Shake the iPhone or iTouch to get a random cocktail recipe.
• Search for cocktails by name, rating or ingredients.
• View all screens in landscape or portrait mode.
• E-mail recipes to others.
• Operate without an Internet connection.

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