Champagne house embraces new vodka

Pol Roger, the noted champagne house, has added a vodka to its wine-and-spirits portfolio.

The label is DQ vodka. The product is made in Sweden by the Nordic Spirit Co. from Swedish winter wheat and spring water. It will initially be aimed at top-end bars and clubs, then marketwide later this year.

The vodka is packaged in an Italian glass and aluminium bottle designed to resemble a fuse.

Nordic Spirit says it is the first Swedish company to release for export limited volumes of an undiluted vodka formula based "solely on these finest Swedish raw spirits."

"The resulting vodka," it says, "is smoother, subtler yet more complex than any other super-premium vodka. ... By presenting this fine vodka in a package that incorporates precious materials that are beautifully engineered we aim to give the consumer a rewarding, multi-sensory experience that goes far beyond the taste."

To get that, you'll probably have to meet the expected retail price of $48 for the 750ml bottle once DQ goes marketwide.

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Anonymous said...

I read that it's only available in a 1 litre bottle and about $65 ..where can I get it for only $48?

William M. Dowd said...

Well, now you've read that it goes for $48 for the 750ml bottle.

DQ is in the process of being introduced to the U.S. market, so a little patience may have to be in order. Have your favorite spirits shop owner check with his supplier for you.